Daniel Moon

  1. just wanna be happy man… i fake my smile to much
    even with my name growing in the car game it really doesnt make me happy
    yeah… i finally have a crew that im happy to be a part of but even then i still feel like i dont belong
    nothing makes me happy… cars… drugs… sex… tattoos… alcohol… photography… nothing makes me happy…
    maybe im just tired but idk… nobody is ever there for me… i’ll do everything and anything for some so called friends but when i need them… they turn into unresponsive ghosts…
    i cant trust people. im definitely in the pursuit of happiness… shout out to my co-worker josh coyoy for inviting me to his church for easter sunday. idky but i kinda broke down when he invited me. nobody ever reaches out to me anymore but i dont blame them cause i always say no…
    i dont even know what i want… fame wont make me happy… cars wont make me happy… that hot bitch wont make me happy… idk im lost… im still depressed as fuck even though it looks like im having a blast
    my co-worker is right… i do need God in my life but idk if i could do it…

    im in the pursuit of happiness

  2. i love my new car :3

    i love my new car :3

  3. TL Type S!!! this car is sex on wheels!

    TL Type S!!! this car is sex on wheels!

  4. Shit Non-Smokers Say

  5. fallin for…

    every time i see the glaze in your eyes

    i always wanna tell you how i feel as a surprise

    i could be feeling terrible and just straight up shitty

    but my day is made up by seeing your face so pretty

    ive always wanted to ask this one question

    but its a statement thats concealed by a confession

    i apologize but i have to tell you all my emotions

    otherwise itll wash away into the wide open ocean

    so whats all the commotion? is it hard to give devotion to the girl who gave you this healing potion?

    called love at first sight, but i call it freedom

    i hope you think the same way and say “damnnn! i really need him!”

    i’ll be there for you despite my license suspension

    being with you just puts me in a different dimension

    tension, that feels warm yet soft at the same time

    i wanna take your heart and i hope you claim mine

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